• Once more into the fray

    Antoine Allard and I will be leaving once again for Santa Fe in early December for the 2nd International Conference on Complex Sciences. I will be presenting preliminary results of my research on the growth of critical systems and Antoine will be presenting some results of Jean-Gabriel Young’s ongoing effort in community detection .

  • Back at work

    The summer has been surprisingly more than I expected (in all aspects). And even more surprisingly, I managed to get some work done. Some new publications are in submission and the latest work of dynamica can now be found on the arXiv (as seen at NetSci 2012!).

  • Out of office for summer

    I will be leaving for the Santa Fe Institute’s Complex System Summer School in a few days. This might be a good moment to mention that Antoine Allard’s and Pierre-André Noël’s latest papers have been published in EPL and Phys. Rev. E (respectively), see publications section for more details. On a side note, we still have a few manuscripts in submission and I am hard at work on two very different project to mark the beginning of my Ph.D. To be continued…

  • SFI 2012 Complex Systems Summer School

    To whom it may interest: I will be attending the Complex Systems Summer School of the Santa Fe Institute in June!

  • New paper in Physical Review E

    My new paper, which is a follow-up to our last paper in PRL , has been published in Physical Review E. Its apt, but long, title is: Structural preferential attachment: stochastic process for the growth of scale-free, modular and self-similar systems . You can find it here .

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