Laboratory for Structure and Dynamics

Our research deals with the interaction and coevolution of structure and dynamics. Our focus is on network theory, but also general nonlinear dynamics in structured systems. Examples include social networks interacting with the spread of diseases and ideas, the shape of forests coevolving with forest fires, and the structure of metabolic networks influencing interactions in microbial communities.

Current lab members

  • Mariah Boudreau (Ph.D. student in Mathematics, QuEST trainee)

  • Brendan Case (Ph.D. student in Computer Science, QuEST trainee)

  • Alexander Daniels (Ph.D. student in Complex Systems)

  • Samuel Rosenblatt (Ph.D. student in Computer Science, QuEST trainee)

  • Guillaume St-Onge (Ph.D. student in Physics, at Université Laval)

  • Blake Williams (Master student in Complex Systems & Data Science)