• Vermont Complex Systems Center to host NetSci 2019

    There is a storm brewing in Vermont! We have so many incredible projects in the pipeline, including the organization of NetSci 2019! It will be a pleasure to host the world’s leading experts in network science in Burlington. The conference will be organized by Juniper Lovato while Peter Dodds and myself will serve as co-chairs. You can expect the conference to reflect our center: open, kind and fun.

    Our other events are also listed on our website at, and you can also find the various degrees we offer (undergraduate to PhD) by using the education tab of our website.

  • Complex Networks Winter Workshop

    I am very excited to announce the inaugural Complex Networks Winter Workshop (CNWW) in beautiful Québec city. The CNWW is a collaboration between the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center, the Sentinel North Program of the Université Laval and the Network Science Institute of the Northeastern University. The program is designed for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, young faculty and professionals. The lectures will present open problems and recent advances in the field of complex networks. Participants will collaborate in small transdisciplinary research groups involving other participants as well as faculty.

    This will be a fun and intense experience! Culturally, intellectually, socially, and maybe even weatherwise!

    The call for applications will be open until 6 August 2018. Visit our website and help us spread the word!

  • How the forest got its shape

    Our paper on forest ecology, and probably my first project without networks, was just published in Ecology Letters. This work was started in 2014 with Andrew Berdahl, Uttam Bhat and Sid Redner at the Santa Fe Institute. We demonstrate the link between forest shape and forest stability to help people infer the resilience of individual forests to fires in surrounding grasslands based on their shape! See the UVM press release for more details!

  • Networks of courses and conferences

    A lot is happening on the network education front! Computer science students (and others) at the University of Vermont are currently 5 weeks into my new Algorithms for Complex Networks course. We are also currently planning and accepting contributed presentations for Contagion & Networks 2018, the second edition of our NetSci satellite event. Finally, I hope to announce a much larger network education project over the next few months! Stay tuned.

  • Summer update

    Two very interesting papers were published this month. The first is a Zika project with the Contagion on Networks team showing that the asymmetric transmission across sexes leads to a double epidemic transitions; the paper was published in PNAS. The second one is the result of an SFI working group, which started by studying the strategies of algae life cycles and ended up re-discovering game theory by studying political dynamics on modular networks; this crazy paper was published in Scientific Reports.

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