• New projects in the pipeline

    I have two new projects on the arXiv, both with only very good friends. The first is a new adaptive network project to describe novel patterns that we found in influenza transmission. The second is a new network analysis algorithm which helps us look at different scales of organization at a glance. We have a lot of cool ideas in the work using this algorithm. Finally, a very interesting ecology project should be online soon. Stay tuned!

  • Almost a year later

    It’s been a while since the last update. Let’s just say I am super excited about many projects started in my first year at the Santa Fe Institute. One of the smaller ones was published a few days ago in PNAS (open-access). The big result: interacting epidemics (or other dynamics) can spread faster on clustered network than on an (otherwise equivalent) unclustered network! SFI had a nice write-up on it.

  • Updates

    Since the completion of my PhD defense three weeks ago, I am now both a doctor and a James S. McDonnell Postodoctoral Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. Looking forward to discuss my new projects when they start crystallizing.

  • "Social dynamics beats penicillin in stopping syphilis outbreaks"

    The Journal of the Royal Society Interface has published my paper with Ben Althouse on how social dynamics may hold the key to understand the unique cycling behaviour of syphilis, and to its eradication. Read a summary on the SFI website or go straight to the paper .

  • On NetSci 2014, Québec and Santa Fe.

    Very happy that our poster “ Complex Networks are an Emerging Property of Hierarchical Preferential Attachment “ won an “Outstanding poster” award at NetSci 2014 in Berkeley. Jean-Gabriel also shined with an excellent talk, his very first, on our ‘organic’ model of community structure growth. Now I’m back to oscillating between Santa Fe and Québec to finish that thesis.

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